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Strivectin vs. Botox

By using the new oglio-peptide, Strivectin is actually one of the most appreciate anti-wrinkle cream. People who put Strivectin, a stretch marks remover, on their face are not crazy: they tried and understood why Strivectin offer better results then Botox, Retinol or Vitamin C.

Strivectin-SD vs. Botox

Compare Botox with Strivectin and see the difference:

...or whether StriVectin can possibly work better than Botox..., September 14, 2006

Is StriVectin-SD® Better than Botox®?

To find out an answer, think on the following:

Botox is more expensive then Strivectin-SD.
Yes, it is true, because one month of Strivectin treatment is no more then $22.5 (with one 6 oz Strivectin tube you can have 6 months of anti-wrinkle treatment)

Strivectin means no pain: no injections, no needles and no pain. Just apply Strivectin on your face. It is that simple.

No waiting rooms, no embarrassment waiting for your Botox injection

By using Botox, the best result is at the very moment you have the treatment. With Strivectin, the results improve day by day, longer you use, better you look

By using Strivectin, not only your skin will be firmer and thicker, but even the small problem about skin discoloration will disappear.

Strivectin vs Botox comparison table

  Strivectin SD Botox
Price/month $18-$22.5/months at least $80/months
Tools to be used: simply apply on your skin Injections: this means needles and pain!
Time Just a few minutes/day, anyway you want Time to go to the saloon, to wait, plus the embarrassment ...
Results Strivectin results in 16 weeks
Strivectin results chart during the first 16 weeks of treatment
Botox results in 16 weeks
Botox results chart during the first 16 weeks of treatment


Botox is used to relax facial muscles and this way to make the lines less visible, and it is used as injection.
What do you know about Botox? Just read what "Botox" means: Botulinum Toxin Type A

By the way: did you know Botox is a toxin? It works by relaxing your muscle, and this results fades in a few weeks. Strivectin brinks you not only the decrease of depth of indented surfaces, but other minerals and oils your skin needs.
Moreover, in some patients it some temporal face paralysis were reported.
Also, think that Botox is intended only for face area. If your neck/décolletage needs improvements, Botox is not fully working.


Strivectin is a non-invasive cream that increase the collagen and this way the wrinkles just vanish.
Now, along with Strivectin-SD, you can use Strivectin HS Serum, too, to increase the results

Strivectin SD SPF 30 vs. Strivectin SD

The only difference between Strivectin SD SPF 15 and Strivectin SD is sun protection. Strivectin SD SPF 15 contains the same amount of powerful ingredients as Strivectin SD, so has the same effects on wrinkles.
Same long-lasting results now increased by the positive effects of sun protection.

Dr. Nathalie Chevreau explains the reason she, as many researchers, considers Strivectin is a better alternative to Botox: "That is because "cosmeceutical" creams and gels offer gradual, continual results, while the effects of Botox and facial peels begin to wear off the very next day ..."

Clinical Studies about Strivectin

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